For “feeling human” Umut Vedat, born 1980 in Istanbul, Turkey, started working as an independent photo-journalist and travelled not only Turkey but around the world. He worked with several local and International NGOs such as Roots&Routes, Greenpeace; working mostly on the topics of discrimination, minority situations, cultural interactions and environmental subjects. Walking on the path of documentary filming he accessed an intense world of expressions, forwarding the emotions he is observing.

"All human beings are dream beings and some are as well day dreaming..." – Umut Vedat

Prior to his photo-journalism career Umut Vedat worked as an art director in commercial business but quit this field in the end of 2011 in order to be able to work independently from customers needs. During this time he as well realized how video-art, music and screen-dance videography are suitable tools for expressing his emotions. He directed and filmed several dance movies which are screen-played in France, Germany, Turkey, UK, Ireland, USA... His photos and articles as a photo journalist have been published via local&world-wide media such as Guardian, Le Monde, Agos…

“I mostly feel like a nomad who’s travelling around the world to observe the variety of cultures and the world itself.” – Umut Vedat