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Umut Vedat, a storyteller, followed his soul in photography and documentary filmmaking. Umut's lens has been aimed to capture the complexities of human experiences, focusing on cultural interactions, discrimination, and environmental issues.

Collaborating with NGOs like Roots&Routes, TEMA, Greenpeace, European Climate Foundation, and the Armenian Heritage Foundation, Umut's works were featured in renowned media outlets including The Guardian and Le Monde. His exhibitions spanned Istanbul, Yerevan, Tbilisi, Vienna, San Francisco, and he contributed to platforms like the Angkor Photo Festival.


Previously a creative director in advertising, Umut transitioned to explore the expressive power of dance and music shorts, channeling emotions and conducting personal artistic research on body movements. Umut's passion for cultural empathy led to a TEDx speech, directing the activist documentary "Dark Atlas(2016)" and directing a light performance "Syntax Error(2020)" at the ÖÖvalgel Light Festival in Estonia, as well as directed his first drama short film "Lukus(2021)" in Estonia. 

Obtaining an Erasmus Mundus Joint Master's Degree in Cinematography from esteemed institutions in Dublin(IADT), Budapest(SzFE), and Tallinn(BFM) underlines Umut's commitment to continuous learning and artistic evolution. Today, Umut continues to craft diverse human narratives that amplify the richness of diversity.

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