​For “feeling human” Umut Vedat, traveled around the world to witness as a photographer & filmmaker and collaborated with several local and international NGOs such as Roots&Routes, Greenpeace, Tema, La Via Campesina; as a documentarist working on the topics of discrimination, minority situations, cultural interactions, and environmental subjects. Walking on the path of the documentary, Umut Vedat accessed an intense world of expressions, forwarding the emotions he is observing.


Prior to photo-journalism, Umut Vedat worked as a creative director in the commercial business but quit this field at the end of 2011 in order to be able to work independently from customer needs. During this time Umut Vedat as well-realized how screen-dance films are very suitable tools for expressing individual emotions. Umut filmed several screen-dance films which are screen-played in France, Germany, Turkey, UK, Ireland, U.S.A, Argentina,  photos and articles as a photojournalist have been published via local&world-wide media such as Guardian, Le Monde, Sierra, Agos, Bianet… Umut Vedat had several solo exhibitions such as in Istanbul, Yerevan, and Tbilisi and also contributed to several exhibitions around the world. Umut Vedat directed a feature documentary, Dark Atlas (2016), which is about grassroots environmental (anti-coal) movements (2012-2016) in Turkey, screened at numerous festivals and grassroots are using the movie as an activism material for the movement. He obtained a Master's degree in cinematography and nowadays living in the beautiful Baltic city of Tallinn. 

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