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Video Coach: Routes to Transformation: Utrecht - Istanbul 2013

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Project by Rooots&routes(NL)&Bilgi University(TR):

Video Coaches: Umut Vedat - Robbert Bleys

Camera: All Musicians

Edit:Robbert Bleys

Music Coaches: Budy Mokakinta(Mokosound) - Cem Çatlık (Bubinga Records)

Young and upcoming musicians from Turkey and The Netherlands shared their music, ideas, even their homes in this unique exchange project. During two residencies, one in The Netherlands and one in Turkey, they lived and worked together and created stunning showcases. They learned to write their own lyrics and music and inspired each other by their musical and cultural backgrounds. Different styles were blended, from traditional and contemporary to urban and rock influences and much more. Their blended styles resulted in a new kind of transforming sound and the musicians performed on several stages in Utrecht and Istanbul.

The musicians received a flip camera during the whole project and recorded the process and their experiences in a documentary. This film is the result of the unique exchange project.

This project is organized within the context of the celebration of 400 years Turkish-Dutch trade relations.

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