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"Left Over" & "Who am I?"

Medium: Photography and Docu films

“Left over, left behind”, even though they do not sound appealing, these are the most accurate terms which can be used to describe the last remnants on the Armenian plateau today, 100 years after the genocide. The exhibition consists of documentation of buildings left behind by Armenians, whose culture has been turned into a ghost in their own land after a century, as well as interviews conducted over a course of two years with hundreds of people in 27 provinces located on the exile route in order to better reflect the psychology, thoughts, concerns and memories of those left over. The exhibition tries to express what has happened since 1915 through the remaining bits of memories, the recollections of neighbours, “savers”, perpetuators and hiders.

The project team (Aris Nalcı&Umut Vedat) followed the route of the exile looking for traces of Armenians in the cities they visited. Some of these traces, treasure maps, myths, ornate keys of Armenian homes sold over at vintage shops, saved family trees etc. will also be displayed.

Exhibitions with the archive:

1-"Left Over" / " Arta Kalan"

@Istanbul - Depo (24 April – 22 May 2016)

Journalism: Aris Nalcı

Docu & Phototography: Umut Vedat

Graphic design: Salih Gürkan Çakar

Illustrations: Zeynep Özatalay

Music composer: Saro Usta

Project undertaker: Armenian Culture and Solidarity Association
Project supporters: | Heinrich Böll Foundation Turkey Office | Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation | Depo | Aziz Surp Tour

2- "Who am I" / "Kimim ben?

@ Yerevan - Article 3 ( Nov 4-17, 2016 ) curated by Satenik Baghdasaryan

@Tbilisi - Tbilisi Surp Etchmiadzin Church ( Jan. 19, 2017) curated by Irena Oganjanova

@San Francisco (April 8, 2017) curated by Gohar Barseghyan

Music: Saro Usta, Emre Can Öziş, Komitas

Supporters: |EU Cultural funds, Sivil Düşün | Aliq Media | Arsen Kharatyan |Hrant Dink Foundation | Haykak Arshamyan | Armenian Society of San Francisco

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